Top 5 Off-Road Accessories For Off-Road Enthusiasts


As with any matter of high importance, the debate over the best off-road accessories can become animated. You probably have some firm opinions yourself on what upgrades provide the most value, and which products and brands are worth your hard-earned dollar. Your driving style, your favorite type of terrain to explore and your budget all factor into this critical discussion. With that in mind, certain accessories rise to the top of many wish lists.

Self-Recovery Winch

When it comes to recovery and self-sufficiency a winch qualifies as essential off-road equipment. When looking at winches, you want to consider features such as motors, gears, clutches, cable materials, ease of use and ease of installation. Since winches have different price points, it makes sense to stay within your budget and look for deals and discounts. With winches at the top, a critical list of off-road components might look something like this:

  1. Winches
  2. Quality tires
  3. Fenders and flares
  4. Racks
  5. Lighting

When considering winches, it might take some time to look through your options. Whether you want an electronic recovery model or a hydraulic product, you will have a large selection to choose from. Top manufacturers of winches include Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge, Superwinch, Warn and Hi-Lift and they all will give you the ability to move heavy items or to pull someone from the ditch. To make sure you get the pulling power you need, a product expert can guide you in the right direction.

Fenders and flares give you added protection on the backroads and can transform your truck or Jeep into an impressive-looking machine. Equipping your off-road chariot with racks to carry gear also is a sensible way to get the most enjoyment out of every adventure. Since any trip could last longer than expected, lighting upgrades allow you to see better when the nearest streetlight is a county away.

All Terrain Tires

All of this leads to the importance of off-road tires that can handle tricky topography. When you get this crucial upgrade right, you practically guarantee yourself a good time cruising logging roads and other unmarked pathways. All-terrain, hybrid terrain and all-season tires give you the greatest versatility. This could be the way to go if you go to different places and only want one set of tires for your off-road vehicle. Brands such as Goodyear, Pro Comp, Falken, Gladiator and more deliver high quality at competitive pricing.

If you tackle unique environments, you can go with specialty tread types such as mud terrain or rugged terrain. These wheels and tires give you added capabilities for harsh environments that include thick mud, rocks and roots and deep sand. When in doubt about your needs, consult a tire buying guide or talk things through with an expert who understands the demands of off-roading. While you are at it, take a look at valuable tire and wheel accessories such as tire repair kits, valve stems, lug nuts and center caps.

Make sure you have the equipment you need when you leave civilization behind. Shop now for great deals.