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What Is The Best Time To Get A MOT Test For Your Car?

In the United Kingdom, every automobile is required to undergo an MOT examination on a yearly basis to ensure its safety, fitness for the road, and emission standards compliance. While this is a common practice in many countries globally, the UK stands out as it makes this MOT information accessible and viewable to the public. As we have been constructing our AI model, we have scrutinized this data and are presenting some of our discoveries in a series of blog entries. In this article, we will investigate the impact of the timing of your MOT examination on the probability of its success. Although one might assume that the timing of the test would not affect its outcome significantly, various interconnections have been discovered. To mention a few, the time of day, the day of the week, and even the specific date, all seem to have a certain degree of association with the MOT test’s results. To learn more, visit MOT Testers Stockport.

Best time of the day

We commenced by examining the timing of the test. It transpires that there exists a robust association between the time of day and the probability of your vehicle’s test success. As the working day progresses, the likelihood of your car passing the test increases, reaching its peak at 4 pm and then declining thereafter. A plausible justification for this could be that the cars that fail in the early hours of the day can be repaired and retested in the afternoon, resulting in a higher pass rate during that time. As a result, on average, more cars pass the test in the afternoon.

Best time of the week

The patterns persist when we examine weekdays. Automobiles that undergo testing on Saturdays have a 5% higher likelihood of passing than those tested on Mondays. In reality, the later in the week your vehicle is tested, the greater the chance of it passing. So, what is the reason for this? Comparable to the explanation given for the time of day, it could be that cars that fail early in the week are repaired and then retested, resulting in a passing grade. However, there may be some other underlying explanation. Perhaps mechanics become more forgiving as the week progresses? Perhaps they have more time at the start of the week to conduct thorough vehicle inspections? It is genuinely difficult to determine why this trend exists, but it is evident that it does.

Best time of the year

Individuals who have their vehicle inspected on Christmas eve are presumably in a hurry. They require their vehicle urgently for the festive season and are willing to pay any amount to ensure it passes. Mechanics may also be more lenient with the inspections, as they want to quickly finish their remaining vehicles for the year before taking leave. Similarly, vehicles inspected on January 2nd are likely those left from the previous year. These could be vehicles that were unable to pass the inspection in time for Christmas or ones that require additional work to pass. Regardless of the underlying reason, the statistics indicate that your vehicle is considerably more likely to pass its MOT inspection on Christmas eve.

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