TVS Raider 125 – What are the most attractive features of this amazing model?


The TVS Raider 125 is a stylish and powerful motorcycle with a 125 cc engine capable of high speeds and excellent fuel efficiency. Its design makes it stand out on the road, and its features such as adjustable rear suspension, digital instrument cluster, and tubeless tires make it a great overall package. In February 2023, the sales figures for the TVS Raider showed a total of 30,346 units sold. It’s an ideal choice for those on a budget but still want a reliable and impressive motorcycle.

Features of TVS Raider 125

Design and looks:

TVS Raider 125 model has a distinctive and edgy appearance with angular lines and sharp edges adorning its body. It boasts a sporty look that would easily make one mistake for a high-performance bike. However, a closer look at the complete details, such as the slim rear tire and the lack of a rear disc brake, reveals that it is indeed a commuter bike.

The headlight of Raider 125 consists of two DRLs, surrounded by LED units, although some may find it overly designed. Nevertheless, style is subjective and many people find the design irresistible. Raider 125 comes in four colors: Fiery Yellow, Striking Red, Wicked Black, and Blazing Blue, providing a range of options to fit one’s taste.

Engine Performance: TVS has equipped the Raider 125 with a newly developed 125cc single-cylinder, three-valve engine that delivers 11.2 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11.2Nm at 6000rpm. This power output is more than what most 125cc motorcycles produce, except for the Pulsar 125 which has a slightly higher power output.

The bike comes with two modes: Eco and Power, which can be changed on the go. The engine is very tractable and revs up freely, but it does produce some vibrations on the pegs and handlebar at higher revs. Nevertheless, the Raider’s gearbox is tactile and slick, and the clutch is light, ensuring a stress-free and smooth ride. The exhaust note is also deep and sporty, adding to the overall riding experience.

Ride and Handling:  The Raider 125 boasts a diamond frame, with 140mm drum brake, 240mm front disc brake with 30mm telescopic forks and a skinny 100/90-17 rear tire. Its handling capabilities are impressive, showcasing the trademark characteristics.

The look and front end of TVS Raider 125 is highly responsive, teaching the rider to maintain steady hands while maneuvering around corners.

A slight counter-steer and the bike is already leaning with ease. However, the suspension setup may be too smooth for sporty riding applications and can cause some bouncing around mid-corner, especially for heavier riders. Nonetheless, TVS never marketed this bike as a sports bike, and it remains an excellent handler within its segment, except maybe for the more expensive Bajaj Pulsar 125.

Other Specifications:

The TVS Raider stands out as best bike with amazing features and specifications:

  • With many other features, it also boasts TVS‘ Intelli-Go technology that automatically cuts off the engine when the bike is stationary in neutral mode, and restarts when you twist the throttle.
  • The bike’s instrument cluster is another highlight, featuring a negatively lit color LCD unit that’s chock-full of information, including a gear indicator, fuel range, gear indicator,ride mode display, speed and more.
  • On top of the standard odometer, speedometer, and tachometer. One version of the Raider will also feature TVS’ SMARTXONNECT technology, which includes voice assistant and proper navigation features, all displayed on a 5 inch color TFT display.


The Raider 125 at Droom boasts the highest torque in its segment. Although it may not be the most dynamic motorcycle, it is a great option for beginners on a tight budget. The engine’s power delivery is linear and smooth, and TVS has added ride modes to make the riding experience more engaging.

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