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Expand Your Storage Capacity With A Rooftop Cargo Box For Your Vehicle

If you have an adventure in your future, it likely involves a road trip to an interesting destination. To maximize your enjoyment, it helps to have all of your favorite gear along for the ride. If you have camping gear, assorted toys and other items, your stuff might not fit in your vehicle. The solution? A reasonably-priced rooftop cargo box.

A Solid Selection of Cargo Options

No two adventurers have the same needs, so you must have options when looking for the ideal rooftop cargo carrier. Of course, you will want to consider price and with most products in this category coming in between $250 and $400 you can expect good value for your money. You should also consider the following features when deciding on the right cargo carrier for your needs:

  • Ease of installation
  • Appearance of carrier
  • Storage capacity
  • Universal or vehicle-specific fitment
  • Customer ratings
  • JEGS brand

You can also choose how to load the rooftop carrier with either rear or dual-side opening styles available. The best carriers come with an aerodynamic shape to ensure you still get get good fuel economy. Make sure you look for durable materials that protect against fading and cracking and that won’t wear out due to ultraviolet light exposure.

The best carriers have a moisture-resistant design that provides protection during rain. You also might want a security feature that deters thieves from walking away with your belongings. Most carriers will carry about 110 pounds of gear; this gives you ample room to take what you want to your destination.

A Look At Crate Engines

If you need a performance upgrade for your vehicle, you can look into crate engines, as they offer a great way to restore or add power to your engine. With a solid warranty behind each engine, you eliminate the risk and take away the worry of your purchase. Chevy crate engines come in numerous options, including big block, small block and LS Series. If you have a worn-out engine or are tired of costly engine repairs, a crate engine might solve some of your vehicle issues.

Because crate engines come pre-assembled, you do not have to worry about making sure you get all of the individual components of a typical engine rebuild. This simplifies the process and usually leads to quicker completion. You also can get a high-performance product that results in more horsepower and torque and overall engine output. Crate engines always meet or exceed OEM requirements.

A Selection of Short Block Engines

Another option for the auto enthusiast comes in the form of a short block engine. These products have been assembled with the rotating assembly intact, but it does not include the cylinder heads. This gives capable mechanics the ability to customize their engine by choosing such components as the cylinder heads, camshaft and intake manifolds.

Whatever your auto needs, it pays to work with an industry leader with more than 60 years of experience in automotive products. Experts are on hand to help you find the perfect part for your vehicle.

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